City Government

Mayor's Profile


  • Graduated from JongjeongElementarySchoolinKimjecity(21)
  • Graduated from NamseongMiddleSchoolinIksancity(18)
  • Graduated from JeonjuHighSchool(48)
  • Graduated from KoreaUniversityLawMajor. (classof72)
  • Graduated from GradSchoolofAdministrationinSeoulUniversity(M.DofAdministration)
    - Research of KoreaArtsAdministration
  • Graduated from GradSchoolofKoreaUniversity(Ph.DofAdministration)
    - Research of Systematization of Policy Failure

Military Service

Discharged from army on expiration of service as lance corporal(worked at army general administration school)

Career ofAdministration

  • Passed Administration's Higher Civil Service Exam (24th)
  • Central training institute of the Ministry of Government Administration, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Jeonlabuk province, Administrator on Probation in Jeonju city.
  • Section chief of farmland composing in Jeonbuk, Section chief of planning, Section chief of supporting physical exercise, Section chief of confirm & assessment, Section chief of public information, Section chief of personnel dept.
  • Administrator of statistics in Jeonbuk province
  • Training of high ranking officials in training institute of local administration
  • Manager of local economy in Jeonbuk province
  • Manager of general affairs in Jeonbuk province, The leader of installation preparing in Kimje city
  • Planning administrator in Jeonbuk province(secretary)
  • Director of bureau of local economy in Jeonbuk province
  • Director of bureau economy & commerce in Jeonbuk province
  • Manager of planning for preventing disaster in the Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Administrator of autonomous information- oriented in the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home affairs.
  • Manager of civil cooperation in the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home affairs.
  • Manager of delivery tax in the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home affairs.
  • Chief of secretariat of Jeonlabuk province council (assistant commissioner)
  • Manager of plan & management in Jeonlabuk province(commissioner)
  • Leader of business promotion team of Jeju special autonomous province of in the Ministry of Government Affairs and
  • Home affairs. Head of supporting decentralization of power in the Ministry of Government Affairs and Home affairs, voluntary resignation (commissioner)

Scholastic activities

  • Instructer of grad school and social college of WongwangUniversity.
  • Visiting professor of JeonjuUniversity
  • Professor of special lecturing of academic-industrial in Jeonbuk industrial university, Special lecturing at WoosukUniversity, JeonbukUniversity
  • Director of Koreaadministrationassociation
  • Vice chairman of management of Koreapolicyassessmentassociation
  • Advisory committee member of Koreaautonomousadministrationassociation


  • Prize of Prime minister
  • Prize of the minister of Home Affairs.
  • Mark of honor for the devotion as civil servants(honored civil servants)