Hanok : Korean-style House

Taking the opportunity of holding 2002 FIFA World Cup, the city has been actively progressted Hanok Village Creation project. This area is Korea’s representative traditional culture attraction as it has abundant things to do, various sight to see, amusement, stuff to buy etc. The cultural heritage site including Gyeonggijeon, Jeondong catholic church, Pungnam-dong, Omokdae, Confucian School, Gyeonhwon castle site, Namgosanseong(mountain fortess), etc. is scattered in this place. And it has various traditional culture facility including craftwork exhibit center, luxury products store, Hanok experience center, Traditional Drinks Museum, Jeonju traditional Hanji club, oriental medicinal culture center. It also has Habjukseon, traditional craft workplaces, including Taegeukseon, and traditional tea rooms, traditional restaurant.

From historical view, Hanok city of Gyodong, Pungnam-dong area is an important data of our country’s housing culture development process which is generated in the progress since 1910's.
Therefore, experts from various field and citizens are pointing out the need of governmental managing of Hanok house group in Jeonju-si to maintain the value of history and tradition of our country’s housing culture. The maintenance, repair, and foster should be done with organized plan.

Moreover, the Hanok City of Jeonju-si is the only area where the shape of district, alleyways, building’s form and structure are preserved in the good condition.