Kongnamul Kukbap

Jeonju Kongnamul-gukbap (Bean Sprout and Rice Soup) and crude liquor beloved for 24 hours

Generally, the bean sprout from jeonju is regarded as the best throughout the nation.

Seeing the records of history, the bean sprouts were used only for seasoned vegetables or emergency foods during Goryeo and Joseon Dynasty. The specific recipe was first appeared in 1910, and of course the origin is Jeonju. While the boiled rice, bean sprout and seasoning in earthen pot is called traditional ‘Jeonju Kongnamul-gukbap’, the one putting rice into the hot meat stock instead of boiling it is called ‘Nambu Market-style gukbap.’

In Jeonju, these two types of gukbap appetising thirsty souls are competing for each other. Due to its affordable cost, it is preferred as a hangover soup for drinkers, a lunch for salaried employees, and a diner menu for family dining 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.