Jeonju Baekban

The table of Jeonju people, Jeonju Baekban

What did the people of Jeonju eat in the past? If there is a menu showing the tradition, it must be the Beakban.

The Baekban is a table of foods with a bowl of rice, soup and side dishes. Especially, Jeonju Baekban is well-known for its plenty of side dishes. This is why travelling Jeonju is described as ‘the happy tour of food.’ In the past, there was Jeonju Buseong in Jeonju, and the Provincial Office in it. Around the remained site of the office, there are still big and small restaurants inherited the tradition of Baekban.

Jeonju Baekan is the traditional food mostly enjoyed by native residents with the four main gates of old Seoul as the center. Professor Song Hwa-Seop of Jeonju University said, “The legitimacy of genuine Jeonju food can be found in Jeonju Baekban. If the division of Jeonju food was decided inside and outside of the fortress, the bean sprout soup is the food of outside, and the Baekban is the food of inside that has been existed from the beginning.

There are famous restaurants of Baekban around the place where populated with salaried employees. Some nice restaurants are gathered around the former Jeonbuk provincial office, Jeonju-si office, and Jeonju Deokjin Park. It is also called the Jeonju family-styled Baekban.

Jeonju Baekban