Omogari soup

The healthy food you can enjoy at the riverside of Jeonjucheon

‘Omogari’ is the Jeonju patois for ttukbaegi(earthen bowl).

Spicy Omogari Soup is a spicy soup boiled in Omogari with catfish, mandarin fish, minnow, Korean bullhead, or other fish, depending on the number of diners.
Omogari Soup, which stimulates a gourmet’s appetite, is the crystal of utmost devotion and skill. The taste of seasoned fish and soup that simmered with freshwater fish, vegetable, and seasoning is wonderful―spicy but clean taste.

Omogari soup

Omogari soup restasurant

Restasurant name Phone Location
한벽집 063-284-2736 Jeonjucheondong-ro, Wansan-gu
화순집 063-284-6630 Girin-daero, Wansan-gu
남양집 063-284-1912 Jeonjucheondong-ro, Wansan-gu