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Provincial capital of Jeollabuk-do at 127˚ east longitude and 35˚ north latitude

Jeonju-si is located at east longitude 127˚, north latitude 35˚ and it is the provincial government of Jeollabuk-do. It forms a basin surrounded by Girin Peak, a branch of Noryeong Mountain Range that stretches from north-east to south-west; Godeok Mountain, Namgo Mountain, Moak Mountain, and Wansan seven peaks in east, south and west directions.

Jeonju downtown is mostly built on the flat alluvial soil of Jeonju stream and faces northwest from the southeastern river forming a gentle slope.

The Jeonju stream originates from the watershed that borders with Gwanchon plain located in 26km southeast of the Jeonju Station. The stream passes the center of the town from the south-east toward the north-west, while the Sacheon stream starts from the watershed between Unam-myeon, Wanju-gun and Gui-myeon, Wanju-gun; where is the north side of Seomjin River that runs the north of Noryeong mountain range. It flows over the western farmland of Jeonju-si from south to north and joins the Jeonju stream to find its way to Mangyeong River.

Moreover, Soyang stream originated from Gomchi flows through the northeast boundary of Jeonju Station and merges with Jeonju stream; all three streams flow towards north and south of the Jeonju Station.
The size of area is 206.22㎢, annual average temperature is 13.3℃, annual average precipitation is 1,313.1㎜, and the administrative district is consisted of 2 gu and 33 dong.