Dive into the world like Jeonju, toward citizens Jeonju is the heart of Asian culture.

Dear Jeonju citizens! A new year of rooster has dawned. I wish you a vibrant and energetic year like a rooster calling hope in the darkness.

Over the past year, Jeonju-si obtained good results by virtue of your help and participation. Likewise, in this year, I would like to make Jeonju the most humane city, with values like people, ecology, culture, and humane economy as the center.

First, I will make the original downtown of Jeonju the heart of Asian culture.

Jeonju is the city that has a thousand-year of history, traditional culture, and potential of tourism, and has no rival in Korea. The heart of Asian culture project is started with the goal of becoming greater city than Paris and Rome till 2020.

The district unit plan of historical city will be established with the original downtown as the center; the old provincial office of Jeolla-do will be restored, and the history & culture area of Donghak Peasant revolution will be created to become a new base for culture and tourism. We will transform 'Seonmi-chon' into the village of human rights and art; designate 'Seohak-dong art village' as the first village of Future Legacy Project, which will be the forerunner in creating the second Hanok Village.

We will create the cultivation area of paper mulberry and traditional paper producing facility in order to restore the origin of Jeonju Hanji, excavate and investigate the historic site of Hubaekje and elevate Donggo mountain fortress as national historic site. Therefore, the proud legitimacy of 'Gyeonhwon Baekje' will be secured. To make creative artistic city, we will promote Jeonju-style handmade city, and will also carry the U-20 World cup in May to a cultural festival with citizens successfully.

Second, Jeonju-style humane economy will be established.

I would like to make a human economy that runs with four wheels by fostering tourism economy, enterprise economy, social economy and growth engines industry. Tourism is the 'repository of job creation'. I will expand attractions by creating history museum and footbridge of Hanok village, as well as theme road of the old provincial office, and build ground of food tour economy with the preparation of the cluster of tableware.

I will actively support foreign marketing of small businesses in order to raise excellent firms, consistently help young adults start businesses, and create jobs. I will apply for the preliminary feasibility test of elastic-plastic national industrial complex, raise enterprise and professional manpower, and make the status of our city higher as the city that priory occupied the elastic industry. Nurture 3D printing and ICT cotton flannel · complex drone industry continually to be the one of growth engines of Jeonju economy.

Joint sale and promotion, popularization of crowd funding will construct the ecosystem of social economy. The economic community of Jeonju will be strengthened by improvement of farmer's community and fostering apartment community. With the activating of Jeonju-food direct market and public feeding center operation, we will take care of the food sovereignty of citizens and farm income at the same time.

Third, I will expand people-centered welfare policy.

I will expand the village welfare of inhabitants to 20 dongs(district unit), and carry forward a Jeonju-style welfare foundation establishing process. The welfare facilities erecting dandled the Western Region and north region is promoted Also, I will build the new Deokjin health center, Pyeonghwa-dong sports center, culture & sport complex of innovation city, and obtain certification of international safe community in order to take care of the health and safety of citizens,

I will do my best to lessen difficulty of citizens who suffer from bad debt, by introducing a Jeonju-style social rental housing with low rental fee, by proposing a revision of 'Special Act on private rental apartment' that limits rental fee to 2% a year, and by hardening the foundation of housing welfare, and operating a finance welfare counsel center.

I will create a free and creative environment for children by obtaining a certification of UNICEF child friendly cities, expanding Jeonju children forest, and making a ecologic playground. Moreover, I will establish culture and sports centers for the disabled, secure mobility right of them, and support them in job creation; to be the first city that changes life of the disabled.

Fourth, I will realize an Eco-City where the people coexist with nature.

The Eco-City that Jeonju-si aims at is a city of walking, cycling and bus riding; a city where its forests and streams are clean to be full of diverse organisms.

I will return the roads to citizens by enacting 12 principles for road management, and operating 'the road without car' in Chungjeong-ro, etc. We will also build a bicycle lane, and establish an unmanned bike rental system to make good city to ride a bike.

With reformation of city bus route that has been carried out in 60 years, and operation of village taxi in rural area We will minimize the inconvenience of citizens and improve the history of Jeonju as Korean-style by going through consultation with Korea Rail Network Authority. In addition, we will promote Welcome Jeonju project and modernization of intercity bus terminal, that the first impression of Jeonju will be more attractive.

Dear Jeonju citizens ! Being like Jeonju means a unique historical competitiveness of Jeonju.
Being like Jeonju means the only cultural beauty of Jeonju.
Being like Jeonju means the power of execution that only belongs to Jeonju citizens.

Based on the unique character of Jeonju that lasted thousand years, through the practical power of Jeonju that was the 'Flower of Korea' without hesitation, we will productively raise the life of citizens and let the world know the elegance of Jeonju beyond Korea.

Dive into the world with Jeonju !
Come near to citizens with Jeonju !
I will make Jeonju the most humane city.

With citizens, as the mind of citizens, I will love and take care of Jeonju more than before in this year of rooster.
Thank you.

Mayor Kim seungsu

Kim seungsu